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Satcomm (Pvt.) Ltd. is establishing a state of the art Metro Area Network in the Mega cities of Karachi & Lahore, which serves as the trade and commerce hubs & Population wise the largest cities of Pakistan. Satcomm has currently deployed a total of 60 Km of 36-core Metro CORE Optical Fiber Backbone network in Karachi and roughly 25Km of 36-core Optical Fiber Backbone network in Lahore, which is operational on Telco-grade Optical Transport Equipment, passing through the entire major residential & commercial Areas of the city, constituting about 60% of the residents of Karachi and Lahore.



Satcomm can provide a Cost-Effective and Manageable Metro Ethernet Network over Fiber Optic including a Resilient and High Bandwidth carrying Layer-2 & Layer-3 Switch Network Capable of Managing Multiple Services on the same Infrastructure.

Satcomm has planned the whole project, keeping in view the entire socio-economic structure of every prospective area of the two cities. Karachi & Lahore has diverse living styles, dynamically changing from area to area. With its work force, constantly increasing, one thing that is found in most wanting state is the scarcity of sources of entertainment.

* Multi-Core Optical Fiber Used

* Multi-Duct Housing

* 8 Subtending Rings Deployed

* Substantial Fiber Core still vacant, due to huge installed capacity

* IEEE G.652 Standard Fiber Large Effective Area

* DWDM Capability

* Extension of Backbone Fiber into Distribution Network



  • Metro Network Satcomm is also deploying an aggregate of 320 Km of 36-core Optical network in Different areas of Karachi and around 125 Km in Lahore as the Subtending rings, Which will serve as a distribution fiber network for each area, running services Like Data, Internet, CATV and even Voice over Hybrid Fiber Coaxial network as well as Offer advanced services like Optical Ethernet to the Office.

    • HFC Network Satcomm has deployed its HFC infrastructure at the distribution network layer to Enable masses for accessing TV and Internet Services. This deployment spans on A network of Optical Nodes in each Hub Area, each node serving 100s of home Passes, a prospective cliental of 50% customers for each home passed per node Using CATV services and 30% customers for Data/ Internet Access.


  • Mission Statement


    In line with our mission we at Satcomm (Pvt) Ltd. strive to provide our customer base to connect and communicate using the systems & Services to enhance the productivity of their businesses, as our real growth is in the growth of our customers.
    We believe in excellent customer relationship with efficient & cost effective solutions to the information needs of our customers, thus not only focusing on the corporate clientele but also on the mid – sized business houses or SME’s which comprises the major portion of our economy.


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