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Network Solutions


Network Solutions


Our core technology is built around securing, managing and sharing the important tools that keep your business running. From computers and printers to firewalls, phones and mobile devices, our team has great breadth and depth of knowledge when it comes to creating solid, industry-proven solutions for businesses of all sizes.

We work hard to understand your business and provide you the best system for your business’ unique goals. Our non-commissioned sales team focuses on learning about your company’s technological needs before developing and proposing an appropriate solution. This model keeps our clients’ needs as our number one priority.

Once we understand your business’ requirements, our team will recommend a solid, industry-proven solution. We implement the solution, make sure you are satisfied with the end-product and check that everything continues to run smoothly.

We do all of this with an experienced team with excellent technical knowledge. With low turnover rates, you can ensure you’ll be working with our specialists consistently. Further, you can be sure that our technicians are always evaluating new technology. As new solutions come up, we will recommend what we think is right for your businesses continued evolution


Managed Services Characteristics


Typically, MSPs will have the following distinguishing characteristics:

  •     Have some form of Network Operation Center (NOC) service
  •     Have some form of service or help desk service
  •     Be able to remotely monitor and manage all or a majority of the objects for the customer
  •     Proactively, compared to reactive, maintain the objects under management for the customer
  •     Delivery these solutions with some form of predictable billing model, where the customer knows with great accuracy what their regular IT management expense will be


Managed Services Specialties


While the term MSP may be somewhat generic these days, there are many types of MSPs who deliver specific services or manage specific types of customers. Some of the more common types of solutions include security, storage, desktop, server, hosting, applications, and mobile device management.